BLUNOX SCR System retrofitted on Royal Danish Navy patrol vessels

Type of ships: 6 patrol vessels (Diana Class)
Ship owner: Royal Danish Navy
New build/retrofit: Retrofit
Number of SCR systems installed on each ship: 2
Engine Installation: 2 x MTU 2040 kW
Fuel Type: MGO
Temperature: 450-540°C
Exhaust Silencer: 35 Db(A)
NOx reduction: IMO Tier 3 compliance

By the end of 2011, six Royal Danish Navy patrol vessels have BLUNOX SCR systems installed; total of 12 systems. 

  NOx-reduction up to 95%.
  Airless design means a minimum of moving parts/electronics and a very compact system.
  Airless operation means no need for compressed air and no extra fuel consumption.
  Existing 35 dB(A) exhaust silencer replaced by SCR system and same noise attenuation achieved.
  The vessels comply with IMO requirements valid from 2016 and on.


Naming of the world's first "green" navy ship

In December 2009, the Danish Minister for the Environment named the Royal Danish Navy patrol vessel "Rota". Installed with BLUNOX SCR Systems, Rota is the first "green" navy ship of the world.