BLUNOX SCR Systems for marine and offshore power systems and stationary power plant applications outperforms traditional SCR systems and has several distinct benefits.

For marine and offshore vessels: NOx reduction better than IMO 2016 requirements
The Digital Airless Multipoint (DAM) SCR System utilises high precision digital dosing of urea to achieve high NOx reduction without ammonia slip. This gurantees NOx reduction of up to 97% and NOx emissions lower than the strict IMO 2016 requirements.

For stationary emitters: NOx reduction meets strictest legislation
The DAM SCR System utilises high precision digital dosing of urea to achieve high NOx reduction without ammonia slip. This guarantees NOx reduction of up to 97% and NOx emissions lower than the strictest legislation for stationary emitters.

No extra fuel consumption
Unique to the DAM SCR System, it has no need for compressed air for urea spray, long urea injection pipes, exhaust gas flow dressers and exhaust gas mixers. These facts give a SCR system with very low back-pressure and energy usage resulting in no extra fuel consumption.

Easy and low cost installation - low weight and highly compact
The DAM SCR System is designed to be low in weight and highly compact compared to traditional SCR systems. Key to achieving these goals is the use of a low weight honeycomb catalyst rather than a heavy traditinal extruded catalyst. Also, the system integrates silencer and catalyst, so no extra space is needed compared to the existing/traditional silencer, which can be removed/eliminated. Finally, the absence of compressed air, long urea injection pipes, exhaust gas flow dressers and exhaust gas mixers gives a very compact and low weight system.

Broad exhaust temperature and engine load operating range
Thanks to the use of digital dosing, the DAM SCR System has an ultra high, dynamic response to engine load changes, and the honeycomb catalyst used has a broad operating temperature range and high resistance to SOx in the exhaust gas. This ensures reliable, consistent and high NOx reduction across a broad operating range and enables NOx reduction for applications with frequent engine load changes.

Robust system with low maintenance requirements
The system has been designed with robust components, many tested by leading engine manufacturers and proven to automotive standards. The airless injection nozzles are extremely robust, long-term tested and free from electronics and moving parts. Compared to traditional extruded catalyst elements, which are prone to cracking when exposed to sudden temperature changes, the DAM SCR System's honeycomb catalyst elements have a high tolerance to changes in temperature due to changes in engine load.

Maintenance intervals are longer or the same as for the engine. The catalyst elements are guaranteed 16,000 operating hours at 100% effectiveness. After this, their effectiveness will gradually be reduced by roughly 8% effectiveness for each 10,000 operating hours. Typically, a complete change out of catalyst elements is needed for every 30,000-40,000 operating hours. A complete change out of catalyst elements can be done in less than 6 hours thanks to the easy access design through the top of the catalyst housing.

Remarkable noise attenuation tailored to your requirements
The DAM SCR System provides remarkable noise attenuation, thanks to the design of the catalyst housing and reactor. On current installations, a noise attenuation of 35 dB(A) has been readily achieved through the catalyst housing and reactor alone. Taylor made modular silencing units are available to be integrated into the catalyst housing, so that specific noise frequencies can be targeted and eliminated.

No adverse effects of running without urea dosing
The DAM SCR System will not be damaged nor will it affect engine performace, when running without dosing urea. This is important should the urea supply be exhausted or when choosing not to reduce NOx. In either case, the vessel can keep operating with no adverse effects.

Potential for 6-9% saving in fuel and CO2 emission
Today's engines compromise on fuel efficiency to keep NOx emissions moderate; by tuning the engine and thereby producing more NOx, which subsequently can be removed by the DAM SCR System, the fuel savings potential can be achieved.

Highly corrosion resistant
The DAM SCR System is designed to operate in the toughest environments, and its construction in AISI 304 and AISI 316 grade stainless steel ensures high corossion resistance.

Proven technology tested by leading engine manufacturers
The SCR DAM technology was originally developed by DANSK TEKNOLOGI for truck and bus applications and has been extensively tested in cooperation with leading engine manufacturers. From 2011, the SCR DAM technology will be fitted on next generation busses and trucks from leading manufacturers.

Chosen by the Royal Danish Navy
Following succesful results with the first prototypes of the DAM SCR Systems for Marine Applications, the Royal Danish Navy has chosen to equip their entire DIANA-class of vessels with DAM SCR systems.


BLUNOX SCR Systems in Danish Maritime Magazine

"... Innovative Danish company develops new SCR technology that eliminates up to 95 % of NOx emissions from ship engine combustion. And retrofitting can be achieved without space problems. It may sound too good to be true, but the system has already been tested by the Royal Danish Navy (RDN), who has ordered retrofitting of 6 vessels bringing the total order from the RDN up to 12 SCR systems..."