Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology is the most effective method of eliminating NOx.

The SCR technology was substantially rationalised and improved when BLUNOX introduced the Digital Airless Multipoint® SCR Technology which sets the standard for next generation SCR systems.

How BLUNOX SCR works

SCR works by injecting a cheap harmless substance, urea, into the exhaust gas and passing the mixture through a catalyst.

The process transforms the toxic NOx gasses into harmless nitrogen (79% of our natural atmosphere is nitrogen). Thanks to the Airless Technology, there is no need for compressed air.


BLUNOX SCR process from toxic NOx to nitrogen

1 AAirless injection of urea solution

2 AConversion of urea to ammonia, NH3, into the exhaust gas

3 AReduction of NOx with ammonia through SCR catalyst

4 AOutput of harmless nitrogen, N2

The BLUNOX Digital Airless Multipoint SCR process from toxic NOx to harmless nitrogen