The airless BLUNOX® SCR System is more compact than traditional air-assisted SCR systems and lower cost to install and operate.

The system is so compact that it will fit into the space of the existing silencer, which can be eliminated.

The system’s main components are: Stainless steel catalyst housing, modular catalyst elements, airless urea injection nozzles, a digital dosing system, an automatic NOx senser/analyser and a control unit. An optional soot blowing system is also offered.

Airless TwinJet Nozzles eliminate need for compressed air and mixer

The patented multipoint airless nozzle design ensures effective NOx reduction without several systems required by traditional air-assisted SCR systems. The BLUNOX solution means:
    No air compressor
    No long urea injection pipe
    No exhaust gas flow dresser
    No exhaust gas mixers

The airless nozzles are extremely robust, long-term tested and free from electronics and moving parts.

Digital Urea Doser ensures precise, dynamic response to engine load variations

Long-term stabile, high precision digital urea doser ensures high NOx-reduction without ammonia slip and minimised urea consumption.

The digital urea doser has an ultra high, dynamic response to engine load changes which enables NOx reduction for applications with frequent engine load changes.

Digital Dosing technology means:
    Extremely compact pump unit
    Highly precise urea dosing with long term stability 
    Rapid adjustment of urea dosing volume
    Robust and low maintenance requirements

The Digital Urea Doser is developed by DANSK TEKNOLOGI and is available in several versions dependent on required dosing volume.

Compact catalyst fits into existing silencer space

The BLUNOX SCR System’s compact catalyst elements enables a light weight installation that does not exceed the volume of the existing silencer, which can be removed. The structure of the catalyst elements make them highly resistant to temperature changes and ensures very low back-pressure.

The BLUNOX catalyst housing integrates:
    Remarkable silencing capability up to 45 dB(A)  
    Easy access for change/inspection of catalyst elements
    Low service space requirements

The BLUNOX catalyst housing is constructed in AISI 304 and AISI 316 grade stainless steel to ensure high corrosion resistance.

Advanced control software ensures optimal system performance

Unlike most traditional SCR systems the BLUNOX SCR system operates based on input from the engine controller. This ensures the most accurate and dynamic response to variations in NOx output from the engine and enables high NOx reduction without ammonia slip and with minimum use of urea.

The BLUNOX control unit has the ability to control multiple co-located SCR systems independently of each other from one single control unit while continuously logging and monitoring key system parameters and performance.

The system user interface is highly intuitive and gives easy access to all system operating data including log of NOx reduction.