BLUNOX SCR System fitted on the Norwegian combined trawler and purse seiner "Borkur"

Ship: 80 meter trawler/purse seiner "Borkur" (formerly "Malene S")
Ship owner: Skårungen
New build/retrofit: New build
Number of SCR systems installed: 2
Engine Installation: MaK 9M32C (4320 kW) and Cummins QSK60DM (1900 kW)
Fuel Type: MGO
Temperature: 350-425°C
NOx reduction: IMO Tier 3 compliance

About the ship
Borkur is a state-of-the-art combined trawler and purse seiner. The 80 meter ship is equipped with two engines, which are both equipped with BLUNOX SCR Systems in order to mininize NOx pollution.

Besides being a combined trawler and purse seiner, Borkur is built to handle a variety of other tasks including:
Stand-by operations at oil fields (equipped with DP thrusters (Dynamic Positioning))
Seismic surveys (equipped with a special keel to handle sonar etc.) 
Scientific inspections (fully equipped laboratory aboard)


BLUNOX SCR Systems in Danish Maritime Magazine

"... Innovative Danish company develops new SCR technology that eliminates up to 95 % of NOx emissions from ship engine combustion. And retrofitting can be achieved without space problems. It may sound too good to be true, but the system has already been tested by the Royal Danish Navy (RDN), who has ordered retrofitting of 6 vessels bringing the total order from the RDN up to 12 SCR systems..."