NOx reduction for Cruise Ships

The cruise industry faces the challenges of stricter emissions legislation and growing passenger focus on preserving and protecting the environment.

As cruise ships navigate many of the world’s most scenic waters and sensitive marine ecosystems, Emission Control Areas (ECAs) are now established along the North American coast, including Alaska, the Caribbean and the North/Baltic Seas, with more ECAs to come.

However, within this environmental challenge lies an opportunity: eliminating nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions will help build and reinforce a valuable and perhaps underestimated asset – the eco credentials of cruise lines.

BLUNOX Digital Airless Multipoint SCR Systems eliminates up to 95% of the toxic NOx emissions.

The BLUNOX SCR Systems outperform traditional SCR systems and have several distinct benefits. One benefit is the systems' low weight and compactness compared to traditional SCR systems. Key to achieving these goals is the use of a low weight honeycomb catalyst rather than a heavy traditinal extruded catalyst. Also, the system integrates silencer and catalyst so no extra space is needed compared to the existing/traditional silencer, which can be removed/eliminated. Finally, the absence of compressed air and an exhaust gas mixer naturally gives a very compact and low weight system.

Retrofitting can be achieved without space problems.

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