BLUNOX SCR System retrofitted on the Norwegian Bulk Carrier "M/V Norholm"

Ship: M/V Norholm
Ship owner: Sandfrakt
New build/retrofit: Retrofit
Number of SCR systems installed: 1
Engine Installation: Caterpillar 3606-2030 kW
Fuel Type: MGO-MDO
Temperature: 270-330°C
Original Exhaust Silencer: 35 Db(A)
Operating Hours: 5500 hr/year
NOx reduction: IMO Tier 3 compliance

  Project received 75% funding of investment from Norwegian NOx Fund. Operational cost for urea also subsidised.
  SCR system certified by Norwegian NOx Fund and vessel now exempt from Norwegian NOx Tax. 
  NOx-reduction up to 95% (weighted average: 92.5%).
  Airless design means a minimum of moving parts/electronics and a very compact system. 
  Airless operation means no need for compressed air and no extra fuel consumption.
  Compressor and exhaust gas mixer is eliminated.
  Very low back-pressure: 72 mm WG (7.2 mbar).
  Existing 35 dB(A) exhaust silencer replaced by SCR system with integrated silencing capability.
  Same noise attenuation achieved.
  The vessel comply with strict IMO requirements valid from 2016 and on.


BLUNOX SCR Systems in Danish Maritime Magazine

"... Innovative Danish company develops new SCR technology that eliminates up to 95 % of NOx emissions from ship engine combustion. And retrofitting can be achieved without space problems. It may sound too good to be true, but the system has already been tested by the Royal Danish Navy (RDN), who has ordered retrofitting of 6 vessels bringing the total order from the RDN up to 12 SCR systems..."